Client Story

"Sarah" (not her real name) came to MLSA for help after she fell behind on her medical bills. She worked full time, but the bills kept piling up - she found herself having to choose between paying her medical bills and paying her mortgage. Soon, she found herself facing foreclosure on her home. That's when Sarah decided to contact MLSA for help. An MLSA attorney worked with Sarah to save her home from foreclosure and talked to her about her options, including filing for bankruptcy. Ultimately, Sarah decided to declare bankruptcy, a decision that would allow her to begin working to regain financial stability. Sarah later wrote to MLSA in thanks: "There isn't anything I would change about the legal advice and the legal help I received. You all went above and beyond what I was expecting."

We help low income consumers achieve financial stability with services related to bankruptcy, violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, collection abuse, illegal fees, credit discrimination, and unlawful garnishment. Civil legal aid helps consumers assert their rights to fair and legal treatment in their financial affairs.