Fair Hearings

A recent study found that more than 4 million children nationwide have been removed from Medicaid and CHIP health coverage. Montana’s children took the nation’s biggest hit with a 15% decline by the end of 2023. Source: The Georgetown University Center for Children and Families

If your family has been impacted, please know help is available.

If you disagree with a decision that was made about your benefits, read our article Fair Hearings:How to Defend Your Rights (FAQ). We recently made updates to provide more clarity around what can happen during the first step, the Administrative Review.

We also made the Fair Hearings Request Template more accessible. You can now fill it out on your computer or mobile device and email it directly to the Office of Fair Hearings. No need for a printer, envelope, or stamp. The template can be found in our article linked above.

If you need help applying for health insurance, visit covermt.org to learn about your options and connect with an eligibility expert who can provide you with free, confidential enrollment assistance.

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