Rights of H-2A Visa Holders

March 25-31 is National Farmworker Awareness Week. This week provides an opportunity to honor the important contributions of farmworkers and raise awareness about issues they face. Thank you farmworkers for the work you do to grow, harvest, process and pack our food.

Do you know the rights of H-2A visa holders in Montana? They include:

-Pay of $16.54 an hour*
-Access to medical treatment
-Worker’s compensation if injured on the job
-Free housing that meets health and safety standards
-A kitchen suitable for cooking and storing food, with heating and running water
-Transportation to and from the job site
-Drinking water and bathrooms on the job site
-Personal protective equipment for use around pesticides

Montana Legal Services Association provides free legal help to farm workers. Call the Montana Legal Services Association HelpLine at 1-800-666-6899 to apply for free legal help. If you would like to do your intake in Spanish, call or text our WhatsApp at 406-438-1027.

*The AEWR for 2024 is $16.54 in Montana. Make sure you check the US Department of Labor website for updated wage rates.