Educational Supports

Federal education laws have been passed to help youth who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. Some of the supports include:
-Fee waivers for the SAT/ACT;
-An initial deposit for tuition or dorm;
-Housing during school breaks; and
-Help with basic needs like clothing, food, and supplies for school.

All Montana high schools and the majority of university and college campuses have built-in supports. Learn more in our article Accessing Higher Education without Parental Support.

If you know someone who has graduated high school within the last two years and is experiencing homelessness, encourage them to check out Dawson Promise at Dawson Community College in Glendive, MT. Dawson Promise will help students obtain a two-year degree without debt. They help their students transition to college by supporting them with housing, life skills, and community involvement.

Our Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project works statewide to help unhoused youth and young adults. MLSA’s Youth Homelessness Coordinator directly connects youth and young adults with our services. Call or text them at (406) 594-1971.