Do you know what to do when served with eviction court papers?


  1. Read the court paperwork to figure out your deadline to answer. Renters who have been served with eviction papers from the court now only have FIVE business days to file a written Answer with the court.
  2. Download, print, and fill out the free court forms from
  3. File your written Answer with the Clerk of Court where the eviction lawsuit was filed by your deadline (5 business days after you were served). Mail a copy to your landlord.
  4. Attend all your hearings.
  5. Seek legal help if you have questions.

If you are facing an eviction it is important that you act quickly and file your answer within the 5 day period. For more detailed information and links to our free forms, check out our article titled 5 Steps to Take When Served with Eviction Court Papers in Montana.

Need more help? The Montana Eviction Intervention Project (MEIP) has resources to help tenants facing an eviction. To apply, contact Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) at 1(800) 666-6899 or apply online at