MLSA’s Eviction Work in the News

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, thousands of Montanans have found themselves struggling to pay their rent and facing the possibility of eviction. MLSA has worked hard to help people access the services they need to avoid eviction – including legal information on how to access rental assistance and eviction moratoriums, and legal assistance in the form of advice and representation. MLSA also worked in partnership with the Montana Department of Commerce to develop the Montana Eviction Intervention Project, a new program that partners with private attorneys to provide legal advice and representation to individuals who have been served an eviction notice in a court of law.

This program has had a huge impact on low income Montanans struggling to stay in their homes. Since the project began in October 2020, MEIP has, to date, handled 349 eviction cases, helping 837 clients and their family members address their housing problems and avoid eviction.

MLSA’s eviction work has also been highlighted in the media. Read on to check out all the articles that have been written about Montana’s housing crisis and the work MLSA has been doing to address it.