IRS Has Refunds of Over $3 Million Waiting for Montanans Who Have Not Filed Their 2012 Taxes

The IRS announced last week that about 3,500 Montanans have an average refund of $669 available to them if they file their 2012 tax refund before April 18, 2016.  You will lose your right to a refund for your 2012 taxes if you don't file before April 18th. For more information on 2012 refunds, visit:
If you can't get your 2012 wage information from your employer, you can request information from the IRS to help you file.  For help filing your taxes, visit:

If you have a tax dispute with the IRS and need legal assistance, Montana Legal Services Association's Low Income Tax Clinic may be able to assist you. Please contact 1-800-666-6899 FREE to see if you are eligible for free tax law help.