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November 15, 2014 marked the Open Enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. This makes health insurance available for some low income Montanans. The Open Enrollment is for both people who are new to the marketplace, looking to get health insurance for the first time, and for those renewing coverage from last year.

The application process has changed slightly from last year, and so have dates and deadlines.

New User-Friendly Application
For those who are new to the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace there is a more user friendly application this year.  The new application should cut down the amount of pages in the application people experience when applying online. However, some people with more complicated situations may need to use a longer application.

Enrollment Deadlines

There is also some important information about deadlines.  

  • For health care coverage to begin at the start of the year, January 1, 2015, the enrollment deadline is December 15th, 2014. 
  • February 15, 2015 is the last day to enroll for coverage.  Missing this deadline means that you won’t be able to sign up for health coverage for the rest of 2015. 
  • In some specific cases there is a Special Enrollment Period.  For example, if you experience life changes (marriage, having a baby, job changes, etc.) outside of the enrollment period, then you may be eligible to enroll through special enrollment.  

Important Dates

Sign Up Date

Health Coverage Begins

Nov. 15 – Dec. 15, 2014

Jan. 1, 2015

Dec. 16, 2014 – Jan. 15, 2015

Feb. 1, 2015

Jan. 16 – Feb. 15, 2014

Mar. 1, 2015

Montana has not expanded its Medicaid eligibility.  This means that even though people may be low income, they are not eligible for a health care subsidy or Medicaid.  To see if you are eligible, get started by applying here or by going to

For more general information on how to apply, and guides about possible coverage, also visit

There is more information about the Affordable Care Act and the healthcare marketplace at

And for even more information about health care in general, including forms, FAQ’s, and articles visit the Public Benefits section of

Much of the information in this post was found through the National Health Law Help Program, in an article here.