MLSA Receives Funding from Steele-Reese Foundation

The Steele-Reese Foundation has granted $30,000 to Montana Legal Services Association to support civil legal assistance to rural Montanans living in poverty. The funding will help assure fairness for all in the justice system by protecting low-income Montanans’ legal rights related to their basic needs: housing, economic security, freedom from abuse, and more.
family on porchThe Steele-Reese Foundation is a charitable trust committed to supporting rural communities in Idaho, Montana, and Appalachian Kentucky. The Foundation maintains a focus on the unique challenges of rural living and on helping people build healthy, successful, and sustainable communities.

MLSA gives a full-hearted thanks to the Steele-Reese Foundation for this funding that will help enforce the rights of low-income and rural Montanans, ensuring equal justice for all.