MLSA Awarded Pro Bono Innovation Grant / Director Alison Paul Speaking on Innovation at LSC 40th Anniversary

Pictured: Alison Paul Receiving Grant Award at LSC 40th Anniversary

MLSA is honored to be among the inaugural recipients of a new national pro bono initiative by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) to address the civil legal needs of low-income people.

The $141,087 two-year grant will fund the Montana Pro Bono Connect project to support and enhance the current work of Montana pro bono professionals by expanding capacity to provide legal advice and brief services as well as to create new pro bono opportunities. The project will develop and implement innovative strategies and technological tools that will help pro bono attorneys provide services to clients throughout the state, including remote services.  

MLSA is a nationally recognized innovator among civil legal aid providers, particularly in the development of technological tools to increase access to justice. MLSA Executive Director Alison Paul is currently in Washington, D.C, for a ceremonial award of the grant, as well as to serve as a panelist at LSC’s 40th Anniversary on the topic of innovation to increase access to justice.

Established in 1974, LSC is the single largest funder of civil legal aid for low-income Americans in the nation, promoting equal access to justice and providing grants for high-quality civil legal aid.

LSC's 40th Anniversary celebration has been marked by several days of panels. Anniversary speakers include US Vice President Joe Biden, US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, US Associate Attorney General Tony West, as well as many others.

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