MLSA Holds Legal Clinic for Remote Clients Using Computer Tablets

MLSA recently held a clinic using computer tablets that allowed an MLSA attorney located in Missoula to give “face-to-face” legal advice to clients in another community.

MLSA staff attorney Diana Garrett and each clinic participant used specially formatted tablets to discuss the participant’s case. Ms. Garrett and the participants were able to view and speak to one another using the tablets, as well as to review documents.

The participants, domestic violence survivors with family law issues, reported that using the tablets was a positive experience and more helpful than simply using the telephone because of the ability to see the attorney with whom they were speaking. Ms. Garrett also found using the tablets more helpful in providing advice to clients than speaking over the telephone and a valuable experience.

A Legal Services Corporation Technology Initiative Grant funded MLSA’s purchase of the tablets. MLSA will continue to use the tablets to provide more services to remote clients throughout Montana in clinics as well as through other means.