Online application returns, improved for efficiency

After a five month hiatus, the online application for Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) has returned. Since September, 2012, MLSA staff have been working to improve how the online application is received, its ease of use, and other implementations to streamline the application process.

The previous online application consisted of an intimidating page full of entry fields. The new application uses a ‘question and answer’ intake method where applicants are guided through the process. For prospective clients, this is a quicker, easier to use application format.

online application

Applicants are no longer limited to mailing or faxing in an application. They can complete and submit one online at any time, day or night. Not only does this save time for the client, it also saves time for MLSA’s intake staff members. With the previous online application, intake workers needed to re-enter the application’s information into MLSA’s case management system. Now, once the online application is submitted, it is automatically filed in the case management system and a notice is sent to intake staff via email.

The new online application strives to be a more user friendly and efficient tool for those seeking the assistance of MLSA. Instead of waiting on the phone to speak to a HelpLine staff member, applicants can submit an application online and be contacted in a timely manner.

Are you looking to apply for legal services? Fill out our online application right now. A video walk-through of the online application is currently in development.

Your private information is sent to MLSA over a secure Internet connection. Any information you give MLSA is confidential. We do not share your information with anyone without your permission.