MLSA Staff Attends Training

Broad-Based Legal Advocacy

MLSA attorneys and staff recently attended training on broad-based legal advocacy. Hannah E.M. Lieberman, national consultant with extensive litigation and legal practice management experience, provided the training.

Broad-based legal advocacy achieves good outcomes for clients and others. Litigation is one method used to get good outcomes, but other methods are also used to create positive change in the way justice and social systems work.

The focus in broad-based legal advocacy is on legal issues that affect many people. This allows litigators and advocates to perform their best work to improve the lives of many, in addition to their individual clients.

Want more information on how MLSA uses broad-based advocacy strategies? More information will be coming in future blog posts. Or contact Christine Mandiloff, Communications Director, at cmandilo(at)mtlsa(dot)org or 406/442-9830 x 131.