3 Women Die Each Day Because of Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The National Network to End Domestic Violence reports that 3 women die each day because of domestic violence. 1 woman in 4 experiences domestic violence in her lifetime. Startling statistics, right? But those stats are the reason–among others–that October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

MLSA Helps

At Montana Legal Services Association, we and our local and national partners help survivors get out of violent relationships. We work with survivors every day to empower them to live happy, peaceful, nonviolent lives.

You Can Help, Too

Educate yourself about domestic violence. You may be in an abusive relationship or know someone in an abusive relationship, whether you’re aware of that fact or not. Being educated will allow you to recognize domestic violence and take the steps to get help or help someone else who is suffering.

You can start your education by reading MLSA’s blog each Thursday in October. We’ll post four blogs, including the one you’re reading, that will help you learn about domestic violence and the resources that can help.  We encourage you to use this information, whether you’re a survivor or not. And please share the information with friends, family, and coworkers. Based on the statistics, it’s possible that someone’s life could depend on it.

Learn More

Please check our blog next Thursday for more information about how to recognize domestic violence and how to get help.