Dispatch From Cambodia: University Students and Volunteerism

This is a blog post from Caroline Riss, MLSA Staff Attorney, who is in Cambodia on exchange to assist with a legal organization.Today I had the chance to meet with some Cambodian University students. My colleague gave a talk to the students about marketing and fundraising. A number of the students are trying to form small NGO’s with he hope of helping young Cambodians and the environment. It was amazing to see how motivated these university students were to make change – I was also very impressed with the high rate of volunteerism among the students. The students told us all about the various ‘clubs’ they are part of at the university – most of which were aimed at helping youth stay in school and environmental issues. The culture seems very geared towards volunteering – it is inspiring to see university students trying to make change!After my colleagues talked, I spoke with numerous students studying law. They were eager to hear about my work at Montana Legal Services Association and interested in how I work with domestic violence victims. I also spoke with the students about my work at the Public Defenders Office- which they found exciting as well. I met with the student leadership organization at the school and they invited me to assist with their debate club on Sunday, so hopefully I will be able to attend and offer some of my debate skills from practicing law.The rest of the women arrive from Montana today and from here on out we have a very full schedule. I am looking forward to sharing the various workshops, events and meetings with you over the next ten days.