Dispatch From Cambodia: Phnom Penh

This is a blog post from Caroline Riss, MLSA Staff Attorney, who is in Cambodia on exchange to assist with a legal organization.Day two in Cambodia proved to be an amazing cultural experience.

I was lucky enough to have the morning to explore Phnom Penh with Elizabeth, who is from the YWCA in Missoula. Our hostess Soren has a packed professional schedule for us all weekend and next week, so she told us to ‘explore and relax’ today. Phnom Penh is the largest city in Cambodia and the capital. It borders the Mekong River and has a population of 1.5 million.

Elizabeth and I walked in the heat along the Mekong River and came upon a Buddhist celebration. There was music, offerings for the Buddha and beautiful people. There were women selling birds to release for Buddha and lots of flowers and incense. We observed the celebration for over an hour – it was great to just watch and take in all the newness around us!

Tomorrow we will be headed to a rural province to meet with some local domestic violence shelters. Should be very interesting!