On the Way to Cambodia

This is a blog post from Caroline Riss, MLSA Staff Attorney, who will be in Cambodia on exchange to assist with a legal organization.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I left Helena this morning at 6 am and landed in Seattle at 8 am. My next flight leaves at 2 pm for Korea and then off to Cambodia. The total flight time is 17 hours from Helena. The distance from Seattle to Phnom Penh is 7,466.1 miles !When I travel internationally, I always check the Peace Corps website for information on what it is like for American’s “on the ground.” Peace Corps has some good suggestions on what to pack, what to do/not do when in country, country history and where to travel. When I was scanning for information before this trip, I found the a blog from a peace corps volunteer in Cambodia, Street Treats for Mary Francis. Being a vegetarian, the food items he posted made me tingle!Before the trip, I also read a memoir by Chanrithy Him called When Broken Glass Floats – Growing up under the Khmer Rouge. It was an intense personal account of the genocide that took place in Cambodia in the mid 70’s. If anyone is interested in learning more about Cambodia, I would recommend this book.Time for my 15 hr flight to Cambodia. My next post will have photos from Cambodia!