National Roof Over Your Head Day

This Saturday, December 3, is National Roof Over Your Head Day, a day of appreciation for the things we have, including the roof over our heads.  As Montana enters the winter season, shelter from the cold, ice and snow becomes increasingly important.  Helena residents are currently planning a “Longest Night” event on December 22 to honor people who died due to homelessness, and it was reported at a recent community needs assessment meeting that approximately 40 children in the Helena Head Start Program are homeless.  In Kalispell, an MLSA VISTA member serving with Community Action Partnership established a program in which 40 area teens who identified themselves in surveys as homeless received donated items like sleeping bags and toothbrushes.  Given the current economic situation, it appears that homelessness will continue to affect many adults and children throughout the state.In some instances, people are evicted, foreclosed upon, or denied housing benefits in violation of existing laws.  MLSA provides housing-related legal services, including information, advice and full representation to low-income people, so they will not become homeless simply because of violations of law or bureaucratic errors.  MLSA also refers people to other organizations that perform housing-related services, including NeighborWorks, Montana Fair Housing, and community organizations that provide temporary housing.  In partnership with these and other service providers, MLSA will continue to work toward ensuring that all Montanans will have housing and truly be able to celebrate National Roof Over Your Head Day.