A Message From the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

[Note: As part of a series of posts relating to October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this is a guest blog entry from Sarah Rossi of the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. MLSA thanks Sarah and the Coalition for this contribution.]October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Most people are NOT aware that domestic violence encompasses many things–not just physical abuse. Although ‘Partner/Family Member Assault’ is the only offense listed in our state criminal code, there are many other forms of abuse that fall within the realm of domestic violence. Emotional abuse (ignoring a partner for days or weeks at a time), verbal abuse (screaming at your partner, name calling, verbal threats), and financial abuse (prohibiting a partner from working or obtaining an education) are all very common forms of domestic violence. Either one or all of these forms of abuse could be happening to someone in your community, on your street, on your block, or even in your own home.As October comes to a close, it is important to raise awareness about the different forms of domestic violence, the avenues for seeking help, and the barriers to receiving that assistance. No matter which community you’re in, there is probably a domestic violence program in the vicinity. Any program in Montana will provide services to a victim of domestic violence no matter where that victim comes from. Montana is a vast, open, rural state. If you know someone that is being abused but they haven’t sought assistance because of that “rural” barrier, there are ways to help. The Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence can provide a wide variety of information including domestic violence program locations, phone numbers, and websites. If you or someone you know needs help because of physical, verbal, emotional, financial or other kinds of abuse, there are many avenues for breaking through barriers.To learn more about the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, visit mcadsv.com or call 406-443-7794.