It is Time to Start a Consumer Law Conversation

Over the last few months, MLSA has spotlighted the importance of self-help resources for low-income Montanans. In doing so, we have emphasized the true need for access to the courts for those who are unrepresented.Now, we want to start a different, but related, conversation about consumer law issues. We want to get the community talking about difficult consumer issues, as well as educate individuals about programs and resources that provide relief to low-income Montanans who struggle day in and day out to meet their basic needs. Over the next couple of months, MLSA’s advocacy blog will tackle critical and sometimes controversial consumer issues. For example, we anticipate that upcoming blog posts will address the impact of medical debt on low-income Montanans, facts and myths about bankruptcy, tax issues for low-income people, and debtors’ rights in relation to the garnishment of bank accounts and paychecks. These and other issues can be critical for many families trying to maintain some resemblance of financial stability within their lives.These posts will again highlight the importance of self-help resources in relation to Montana consumers, as well as the community organizations that are critical to Montana consumers being able to access the courts and defend their legal rights. Throughout these posts we will share with you the experiences of our clients. You will see the faces of real Montanans going through difficult journeys, as well as those individuals who have been successful in advocating for their legal rights and improving their lives.We hope this series of consumer-related posts will inform, challenge, and even inspire you. We hope you will join us in these important conversations.